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Spring 2005


Central Ohio Guitar Series - Stan Smith heads up a series of central Ohio performances featuring guitarists and other musicians who are looking to perform music they don't usually have a venue for. No cover. Visit this link for performance dates.

The Incomplete Manifesto for Growth - An articulation of statements about the beliefs, motivations, and strategies of Bruce Mau Design. One sample: "Stay up late. Strange things happen when you’ve gone too far, been up too long, worked too hard, and you’re separated from the rest of the world."

Monika Stadler -- Austrian harpist whose new CD, My Imaginary Garden, does not disappoint. Somewhere between jazz, new age, and classical, this compilation -- like all Stadlers' music -- is acoustic harp at its finest.





Autumn 2004


This Spring, one of my harp students invited me to participate in Enrichment Day at Shanahan Middle School.  After recovering from the shock of stepping into a building that once housed the elementary, middle AND high schools during my time there, she and I led three groups in the exploration of the history, construction of, careers, and current trends in the harp world.  Participants were treated to live musical interludes and were invited to try the harps out themselves.  

A favorite topic is cutting-edge harpists who push the parameters of what it means to play the harp.  These are worth a look/listen.

Park Stickney -- jazz, baby, jazz.

Catrin Finch -- the young harpist for the Prince of Wales cuts her own energetic recording.

Deborah Henson-Conant -- in a league of her own, H-C plays popular and jazz compositions in very theatrical performances.


Starbucks in downtown Columbus saw jazz harp and guitar for a second year in a row this past spring.  Stan Smith and I provided the musical backdrop for the wine tasting event organized to raise money for Creative Living, an independent housing facility for those with severe physical disabilities. 

The Delaware County Library underwent a massive transformation this past year.  To celebrate, they invited the public to tour the facility while listening to live harp music.

How to be Creative -- Twenty-five great ideas.  Very active discussion.  Add your comments on the site.  My favorite:  "You are responsible for your own experience -- Nobody can tell you if what you're doing is good, meaningful or worthwhile. The more compelling the path, the more lonely it is."



Autumn 2003




Oh, Harpist...?

Heaven on Earth, LLC

Mary Craig -- logo design

Trista's Art

Spotlight On...



Read answers to harp-related queries such as:  

How do you move that (harp) by yourself ?!? 

by visiting Ye "Oh, Harpist...?" Archives.





My friend Nancy has always dreamed of quitting her job in the technology field to pursue her dream of creating, owning, and operating her own flower and gift shop.  Her dream came true this year -- her beautiful shop, Heaven on Earth, is thriving in Johnstown, Ohio.

Heaven on Earth is a full-service florist and can send flowers anywhere in the world through FTD.  They handle flowers for weddings, funerals and any other occasions that may require centerpieces.  They offer:

Fresh flowers

    (Arrangements and cash & carry)

Dish gardens

Blooming Plants

Plants for outside

Silk flower arrangements

Unique gifts

Greeting cards




And soon to come:  Bakery goods and a full-service wedding package!

Nancy Finke, owner, describes the business this way:

"Our mission is to provide lasting memories to the recipients of the floral arrangements, gifts and crafts. We believe our first responsibility is to the customers and recipients of our products and services. Our excellent customer service will enable us to continue to grow and enter other communities. In carrying out our day-to-day business we strive to:


1. Treat our employees as family, 

2. Treat our customers as family, 

3. Be considered as the place to come for comfort, peace, joy and love."


Support local business.  Include this information in your contact list as your resource for all special occasions.

18 W Coshocton St
Johnstown, OH 43031

Ph:  740-967-8300

Toll free: 877-967-8300
Fx:  740-967-7700




I love Mary Craig's crisp, clean, and beautifully designed website:  wordsbydesignonline.comMary Craig is a freelance graphic designer and writer/editor. She has her own business, Words By Design, in San Diego, CA. Most of Mary's clients are small business owners and entrepreneurs who understand the value of professionally designed advertising and marketing materials. She works with her clients to design logos/identity packages, brochures, newsletters, print ads, and websites that target each client's market.

Mary Craig also teaches marketing workshops, one recently titled "How to Create Marketing Materials That Work...and Never Spend a Day in Design School!" This workshop was presented to the national convention of federal court law librarians in San Antonio -- Mary enthusiastically presents to other professional groups with similar needs.

Take a look at Mary's portfolio -- the Jefferson County Library District logo is a beautiful example of her clean-cut, professional style.



You have your eyes, you have your ears: 

look with your eyes on the things of Nature, 

hear with your ears what goes on in Nature; 

the spiritual reveals itself through color and through tone, 

and as you look and listen, you cannot help feeling how it reveals itself in these.

Rudolf Steiner


Visit again to see what affordable artwork I have available for immediate purchase.  In the meantime, I'm working on a number of projects simultaneously.  This means I'll soon be sharing pictures of new work.   

1.  There's a grate on my wall that disguises a hole in the drywall.  I'm using the above journal design to create a frameless canvas wall painting that will lay flat over the wall and grate -- it is the first thing one sees as coming up the stairs.

2.  The Castle Arts Affair in Delaware is November 13-16, 2003.  I will be submitting a variety of round table mats, similar to what is pictured on the Floorcloth page.

3.  Dear and patient Jane in Washington D.C. is waiting for her floorcloth that is similar in style to the Tulip floorcloth pictured in Gallery 4.  Hers will include Dutch sayings.

4.  Oh, and then there's Christmas....

** For additional artwork, visit my Art page. ** 






Appetites: Why Women Want -- Caroline Knapp.  Not an easy read, this book addresses how the basic hungers and suppressed desires of women turn into eating disorders, alcoholism, obsessive shopping, and promiscuity.  The author's firsthand experience with anorexia lends a unique perspective into how the female psyche becomes warped by what she calls "the culture of No!".  Poignant and thought-provoking -- Knapp offers hope by encouraging women to ask, "What gives me delight and fully engages me?" We regrettably lost this author to lung cancer last year.     


The Law of Love -- Laura Esquivel.  Violence and beauty vie for attention in this work of fiction set in the future, where music therapy is valid (!) and analysis of past lives offers immediate workable solutions for suffering relationships.  This is a multi-media presentation -- one that I'm baffled others have not tried before.  Consecutive pages of wonderful illustrations depict characters' regressions into past-life experiences.  Music plays a vital role  -- you hear what the character hears by listening to tracks on a CD included in the book.  Despite a disappointingly cheesy ending, this novel is a delightful experience for the majority of your senses.







May/June 2003




Mantras, Ltd.


Trista's Art

Spotlight On...





Creating this newsletter was somewhat of a risk for me.  Though it was a natural extension of the desire to share art and music with the world, it can be intimidating to face the immense blank canvas that it is.  I can be objectively newsy or ridiculously opinionated.  I can toot my own horn or I can showcase more-than-worthy Creatives.  How do I express myself this month? What's the motivation for doing it? 

I was one of those shy kids who wanted to disappear behind Mom's bell-bottomed legs.  But I grew uncomfortable with keeping ideas in my own journal, painting, or music composition.  Pushing ideas outside myself and searching for others might be the way to keep on a focused path and fight personal and artistic stagnation.  Feedback (criticism) can be difficult to take but without it, how do you move forward?

A weblog or "blog" is another form of self-expression that entails using the internet to write entries for the world to see -- it's a journal on the web.  I haven't explored other examples because I feel such a connection with the entries of Catherine Jo Morgan, such as that for May 10, 2003.   The powerful dialogue this artist has with herself, called Cathy on Her Path, offers hope to those who struggle with their place in the world and the purpose of their work.

Want to experiment with expressing yourself this way? Visit the Radio Userland and Blogger websites to learn more about keeping an online journal.





I may have confused subscribers when I sent a news blip about my artwork and the May 17-18 2003 Delaware Arts Festival.  I did NOT have a booth at the Festival -- i.e. I did not pay to exhibit my work in a tent.  During the festival, however, I did have my artwork available for sale at the fabulous Mantras store at 18 West William Street in Delaware, Ohio.  

Mantras integrates the five elements of nature; 

earth, metal, water, wood and fire 

and showcases a unique line of;


Home accessories and gifts

Candles and potpourri

Bath and body products

Wall and table art, jewelry, sculpture

Florals and plants

Vases, urns, and crystal

Fountains and garden accessories

Greeting cards, books, and CDs


Click here to view wall hangings sold at Mantras

Click here to view floorcloths and table mats sold at Mantras

Click here to view angel paintings sold at Mantras



Mantras, Ltd.

18 West William Street

Delaware, Ohio  43015


Monday-Friday -- 10 AM - 6 PM

Saturday -- 10 AM - 5 PM

Closed Sunday






Organic food and products were of high interest to me in high school, when it wasn't fashionable and the idea wasn't in the limelight as it is today.  It's still important to me so I was delighted to discover The Stratford Ecological Center (central Ohio), which practices sustainable farming techniques and offers classes (herbs, wildflowers, etc.) for children and adults to help foster an appreciation of the land and all life that depends on it.

Next year, when I am earning twice what I am (I'm serious), paying Stratford Ecological Center so that I can receive my weekly allotment of seasonal, organic produce will be a high priority.

I'm elated to have recently found the Stratford Ecological Center despite the following Embarrassing Facts:

1.  I have basically lived in this area for over twenty years.

2.  The center is literally less than one-half mile away.

3.  I "discovered" this center by visiting a website I found in Natural Home magazine (May/June 2003 issue).



Don't wait twenty years to find a CSA Farm near you.  Visit the Sustainable Agriculture Network to reap the benefits of delicious, organic, and locally produced food  --> http://www.sare.org/csa/index.htm





A recent trip to the east coast included my painting these spot murals in the home of a most gracious host. 

Click here to view flower vine and bouquet wall murals




Davion Hill -- My brother is always getting closer to achieving his dream.  New information is located on his Physics page, including his own theories; on his VR6 page, including experiments on his and friends' vehicles; and his Personal page, including very expressive photos.


Linda Behar -- Behar's small-scale impressionistic embroideries are intricately detailed with metallic and brightly-colored threads.  I first saw Salt Marsh I at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA.  Behar's work is not limited to landscapes; check out her recent work such as Elephant and Rhino


The Sensual Home, Ilse Crawford.  A comforting, inspiring and suede-covered book that is "... the key to creating private havens that soothe and enhance each of the senses: the all-important gifts of sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing that are so often overwhelmed by the frantic pace of the outside world. Separate chapters examine first the senses themselves, then our sensual needs in categories such as Light & Space and Energy & Spirit."  This book is also available at Mantras (contact information above).


We the Living, Ayn Rand.  A big fan of Atlas Shrugged, it seemed logical that I delve into another Rand novel addressing the struggle between the individual and state.  I probably could not have plucked from my bookshelf anything more depressing; however, the graphic depiction of individuals claiming their own in a Communist society made me grateful for what I have and shone new light on holding tight to beliefs and dreams.








February 2003



Harp Performances 

Michael Tizzano, Sculpture

Creativity and Chaos

Music Lessons


Trista's Art

Spotlight On...



February 13, 2003 -- Starbucks, 339 North Front St, Arena District, downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Stan Smith / Trista Hill duo from 5:30 to 7:30PM performing for Creative Living's annual wine tasting event.  Classical / jazz harp and guitar for the after-work meltdown.  Click here for details.


February 14, 2003 -- Worthington Library, 820 High St, Worthington, Ohio.

Romantic harp music from 4:00 to 5:00PM during the Valentine version of the Fridays by the Fire series.

Click here for details.


** For additional information on music services, visit my Music page. ** 






When I met Michael Tizzano for the first time just this past fall (2002), he was at once familiar to me.  Was it his engaging personality, his intensely personal approach to his work, or his recognition of the deep connection between emotion and creativity? This man and his work is honest, sincere.

To view Michael's work in Gallery 6 and read his biography, click here.






“My life is not this steeply sloping hour in which you see me hurrying….I am the rest between two notes …”

My Life is Not, Rilke  


In the November 2002 issue of this newsletter, I wrote:   "...do artists simultaneously experience a surge of creative energy?", as well as stated the following:  "I am not a scientist, but it makes sense to me that we approach complex systems as a whole (rather than as parts) with a non-linear perspective." 

My brother, who is pursuing his doctorate in Physics at Ohio State University, offers his perspective on the connection between creativity and chaos in the article below.  Click on the link and select "Open program from its current location."  If you are unable to access this document, email me and I'll send you a copy.

A Little Bit About Human Nature, Oscillations, and Thomas Kuhn

by Davion Hill

 ** Visit Davion's website at zpipedragon.com to see what creative thoughts and endeavors

occupy this wonderful (no bias here) man's mind, time, and spirit. **






What is "synesthesia"?  An online dictionary defines it as:   

  1. A condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color.
  2. A sensation felt in one part of the body as a result of stimulus applied to another, as in referred pain.
  3. The description of one kind of sense impression by using words that normally describe another.

My efforts to understand the relationship between sound and color began when I was in middle school; I designed a project that entailed playing four different styles of music in a kindergarten classroom.  Unlimited crayon colors were available to the children -- they were simply instructed to draw a separate picture for each music selection they heard.  The obvious outcome to this non-scientific study was that color choices and subject matter were greatly affected by the style of music (Michael Jackson's "Thriller" was one of the selections -- am I dating myself??).  There are several formal, scientific studies conducted by professionals in the fields of both music and art therapy that indicate there is indeed a correlation between elements of art and music.  

Synesthesia is the concept that helps explain why I now "see" colors when I hear or think of numbers, notes or chords. A good friend of mine -- a passionate singer I met at a wedding last year -- shares his own personal experiences with this phenomenon below. 


SYNESTHESIA – a blessing or a curse?

By M. R. David *

Years ago, I became acutely aware of a sensation that had only been part of my subconscious for a long time. As a graphic designer, I’ve used typography as an art form and incorporated color into designs as they progressed from rough to finished state. I always begin designing in black and white, with color being the ‘icing on the cake.’

As I gained years of ‘seasoning’ in the business, I realized when I used color in my designs, there seemed to be an unconscious, guiding theme in the use of color. While doodling one day with colored markers. I decided to print the alphabet in color, randomly using different colors for each letter (or so I thought). A few days later, I had time to do it again, and when I picked up the previous doodle, I discovered that the colors and sequence was identical. I put away the doodles for a few weeks, and tried it again – with identical results!

I then understood that something different was happening, and started to try to make sense of what it was. I created a ‘master’ color bar for this alphabet and applied it to previous designs that I had incorporated color into the type and logo. Much to my surprise, I found that almost without fail, the colors matched my color bar, each word assumed a dominant color theme, and each theme dictated the colors used in each graphic design.

I thought that my colored alphabet could be the result of the colors used on the alphabet blocks I played with as a youngster, but that seemed too simple. I confided in a close friend, and she sent me a copy of the September/October 1987 issue of HIPPOCRATES magazine with an article by Jake Page. I found out that I was a ‘Synesthete,’ a small group of people who share a condition called ‘Synesthesia,’ meaning literally a "mingling of the senses."

Wow – I wasn’t suffering an abnormality, but something unique and intriguing. I have done much research and now use the Internet to explore this phenomenon. I have found many persons’ colored alphabets, each different from the other, and with different sequences and intermingling.

There are many other ways that Synesthesia is experienced, and it seems that the combinations of senses may be endless. Once I knew what was going on, the feeling was not disconcerting, and quite honestly, it allows me a distinct advantage over my peers in the creative problem-solving process. I have a tool that most do not possess, and it never seems to fail in providing acceptable and working solutions. Over the years, my clients have commented about the "almost unbelievable ease" that I have been able to reach a solution for their creative needs.

If you feel that you have experienced any ‘strange’ symptoms that might indicate Synesthesia, I recommend that you use the Internet and your library to find out more about it. By using GOOGLE for a Internet search, you will find many other sites that go into great depth about Synesthesia. Here is an Internet link to the subject with fascinating information:


Synesthesia - explore it, test it, learn how to use it and most of all, enjoy it! As for me, I consider it a blessing. It has made my vocation more satisfying and time-efficient. And it provides hours of interesting conversation and bewilderment from those who are clueless about using that part of their brain.

* not his real name







This past 2002 holiday season I was determined to give homemade, useful gifts.  Family and friends received  hand painted books, bookmarks, coasters (with physics formulas on them!), and floorcloths; others received handmade reversible aprons, and crocheted hats, sweaters, and scarves.  Click on the following links to view;

Hand painted journals

Colored pencil drawing of Kassina

Linda's floorcloth




Ben Darby -- A good friend lured me into A Muse Gallery this past December to view the work of Ben Darby, whose huge relief paintings of bold color and quirky subject matter are nothing less than amazing.  Calamari and Tonka trucks literally leap off the heavily-varnished canvas.  His technique confirmed for me that texture created by layers of paint can be seamlessly incorporated onto a painted surface.  The Darby solo-show Silver Falls is one I would love to see.  


The Gift:  Poems by Hafiz the Great Sufi Master, Hafiz, Daniel Ladinsky (Translator)

There are people who step into your life who share with you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.  This is how I came upon this wonderful volume; opening to random pages in this collection reveals the perfect message for the moment.  My favorite continues to be "There Could Be Holy Fallout," a poem that seems to speak directly to me, every day.  Email me if you'd like to read this poem -- I'll send you a copy.


Winter Hours, Mary Oliver.

I'm attracted to this slim volume of poetry because of Oliver's approach to writing:  "Years ago, I set three 'rules' for myself. Every poem I write, I said, must have a genuine body, it must have sincere energy, and it must have a spiritual purpose."




November 2002




Harp Performances 

Jeff Buckley Tribute Concert

Creativity and Chaos

Castle Arts Affair 2002

Music Lessons

Glass Artists

Spotlight On...




November 24, 2002 -- North Unitarian Universalist Congregation - Lewis Center, Ohio.

Reverend Susan Ritchie shapes a unique service that incorporates ideas from many world traditions.  To learn more about this wonderful congregation and their perspectives, visit their website:  www.nuuc.org. 


November 27, 2002 -- St. John Center - Columbus, Ohio.

St. John Church Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner hosted by Father Tom O'Brien.


November 28, 2002 -- Kingston Residence - Marion, Ohio.

This residence home is a gorgeous facility with a committed and endearing staff.  I'm honored to play during the Thanksgiving Dinner organized specifically for Kingston residents and their families.



Jeff Buckley was the son of Tim Buckley, a famed singer/composer from the 1960's.  Like Tim, Jeff passed away unexpectedly early in his music career.  Information on Jeff Buckley, his musical influences (including the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) and career developments can be found on his website:  http://www.jeffbuckley.com.

Jess Faller of Tall Girl Productions has organized a concert featuring local and regional musicians -- Scott Gorsuch, Kopaz, Miranda Sound, and others -- who cover Jeff Buckley's unique compositions.  The Saturday, November 16, 2002 concert benefits Road Recovery, an organization dedicated to assisting creative artists with substance abuse issues.  Doors for the concert open at 8:30 p.m. at Workbook Studio in Columbus, Ohio.  Music starts at 9:30 and tickets are $6 at the door only.  For more information about this tribute concert, click here.

Jess Faller will be discussing the tribute concert, as well as playing songs by the performing bands on CD101's "Independent Playground" on Thursday, 11/14 at 11PM.  If you're in the central Ohio area, tune into 101.1 FM on your radio dial; if you're nowhere close to Ohio, listen live by clicking here -- > Listen Live.





In the October 2002 newsletter, I stated the following:

"Now more than ever, disturbing personal, national, and global issues loom imminently on the horizon of our life path.  When our own words, images, or melodies fall short of expressing our experiences, we have only to look around and find them mirrored in the artistic creations of another.  A novel/poem/painting/song touches us deeply in a very personal way.  We are moved, maybe shaken.  We are drawn to examine the nature and direction of our life path.  We can choose, again and again.  And when we ask for it, Guidance in its many forms is ours..."  

I also asked:   "...do artists simultaneously experience a surge of creative energy?"  In December's newsletter, I will publish a compilation of feedback I received on these topics, specifically how the collective and individual creative process relates to chaos theory.  The need to address this is primarily based upon information received from 1) my brother, who is pursuing his doctorate in Physics at Ohio State University, and 2) my good friend who had just returned from attending the 2002 American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) Conference in Atlanta, GA.  One of the field's most influential practicing music therapists suggests that we move away from a perspective of reductionism and linear development, and toward one based on complexity science (on which chaos theory is built) and dynamical systems (complexity of motion).


What does this mean? Music is a complex system.  The body is a complex system.  

In a complex system there is no predictability, determinism, or replication.

Give up the holy grail of ‘proof’ because it doesn’t exist!

-- Barbara Crowe, presenter at 2002 AMTA Conference


Because we crave order and stability, we attempt to break down components of complex systems and isolate its parts, stuffing them into a definition we can grasp, tackle, defeat.  Theories, proofs, and assumptions are necessary for forward movement.  But adhering to them is detrimental and limiting.

Remember when you learned to write cursive in elementary school? After intently copying each letter over and over again, what happened in a few years? Do you write like that now and does that fit who you are and what you do?? Music, cooking, painting, raising a child, and the creative processes that sing to you... did they not evolve with you? Learn the theory, apply the ideas, and do your own thing.

I am not a scientist, but it makes sense to me that we approach complex systems as a whole (rather than as parts) with a non-linear perspective.  What implications might this idea have when applied to you, our world, the universe? Tell me what you think!





Affordable fine art & children's gifts and crafts by more than 125 artists will be on display at the Delaware Arts Castle from November 14-17, 2002.  The Delaware Arts Castle is located at 190 W. Winter St, Delaware, Ohio, 43015.  Plug the address into Mapquest for down to the minute/mile directions.

My contributions -- seasonal floorcloths and placemats in sets of four.  Metallic and glitter paints lend light to these mats -- varnish and wax allow them to be simply wiped clean.  Click here to see examples.     



Take a look at the work of Christopher Ries -- large-scale glass sculpture.  Ries' work was on display at The Columbus Museum of Art earlier this year; the museum's gift store may still have books of splendid photographs that capture the beauty of his work.  The Thomas R. Riley Gallery in the Short North (Columbus, Ohio) also exhibits Ries' work.

This month's exhibition at the High Road Gallery in Worthington, Ohio features the Glass Axis Juried Member Show -- blown, lampworked, and fused glass pieces are on display through November 23.  




Molly Gordon -- Some of you are aware that I've been taking a class called Authentic Promotion (TM) through Molly Gordon.  The work is introspective, enlightening, and far from easy.  Visit www.mollygordon.com for a FREE weekly newsletter, hundreds of FREE resources, and the Authentic Promotion (TM) tapes, teleclasses, and e-books that have helped hundreds of independent professionals build thriving businesses.

Child Star and the Sun Cakes, Lesley Rosenberg.

Celestial Arts (now owned by Ten Speed Press) published this remarkable book in 1979.  This childhood favorite had a great impact on my artistic style, and encapsulated many of the ideas my sister and I were exposed to in our years at the Montessori school in Castle Rock, CO, and the Rudolf Steiner Waldorf School in Denver, CO.  Currently trying to locate a copy (used copies are on Amazon.com, but don't buy them before I do!)  -- the story and artwork is incredible.




October 2002






Castle Arts Affair 2002


Music Lessons

Heidi Tran, Clay Tile Artist

Murals & Other Art

Spotlight On...





This month I am performing at private engagements including wedding ceremonies and corporate functions.  Click here if you'd like to experience harp at an upcoming public or private holiday celebration!






Now more than ever, disturbing personal, national, and global issues loom imminently on the horizon of our life path.  When our own words, images, or melodies fall short of expressing our experiences, we have only to look around and find them mirrored in the artistic creations of another.  A novel/poem/painting/song touches us deeply in a very personal way.  We are moved, maybe shaken.  We are drawn to examine the nature and direction of our life path.  We can choose, again and again.  And when we ask for it, Guidance in its many forms is ours...  


Recently we've seen an outpouring of creative work from both obscure and well-known artists -- the word "artists," in this case, refers to creative individuals of all kinds.  Do producers and publishers secretly plan to release new work within the same span of time, or do artists simultaneously experience a surge of creative energy?


When Beck was writing the strings parts of "Paper Tiger" (from Sea Change), was Willy Porter writing the pointed lyrics of "Unconditional" (Willy Porter), while Peter Gabriel was writing the percussion lines of "More Than This" (Up)? New material has also recently appeared by Bruce Springsteen, Diana Krall, Tracy Chapman, Andrea Bocelli, James Taylor... the list goes on.  Some artists whose style we've grown accustomed to over the years are switching genres, dabbling in a different color palette, dipping into new creative waters.  George Winston -- of new-age piano fame -- recently covered The Doors in his  recording, Night Divides the Day.  New artists are appearing on the scene with unique and distinctive voices.  


What compels us to create? Have you observed highs and lows in your own creative output? How does your rhythm compare to the overall rhythm you see in music, art, and other creative worlds? 


Where have you seen an outpouring of creativity? What do you attribute it to? Please share your thoughts.


For another take on creative output, be sure to read the summary of Eric Maisel's new book, Van Gogh Blues:  A Creative Person's Guide Through Depression, below in the "Spotlight" section.  For a copy of the full press release, email me -- this book promises to reveal important information about the cycle of creative energy.






I'm honored to have come to know the work of Heidi Tran.  Her clay tiles speak volumes of her personal experiences both here and abroad.  See more information about Heidi Tran in Gallery 6.






Three "spot" murals of grapevines/flowers now grace areas over the window and cabinets of my client's kitchen.  She specified that the grapes be painted in peach and rose pink to match the palette of her kitchen countertops and the furnishings of neighboring rooms.  Accents are in metallic gold.  Visit Gallery 3 to see more photographs of this mural.  Visit Gallery 4 to view more of my wall hangings and floorcloths. 





SpaceWeather -- Have you seen recent photos of the Northern Lights? People around the world have been capturing on film this beautiful natural phenomenon.  Click on "Aurora Gallery" or "Gallery" to view four pages of these remarkable light shows. 


Bob Baker -- Baker's goal is to provide "inspiration, and low-cost marketing ideas for artists, writers, musicians, crafters, performing artists and anyone pursuing a creative passion."  His newsletter is entitled "Quick Tips for Creative People" -- visit his website to sign up for a FREE copy.



Painting From the Inside Out, Betsy Dillard Stroud.

Considered one of the best books to get out of a creative rut -- there are gems within the text and pictures that inspire any artist, no matter their preferred medium.  Stroud shares new ways to combine different techniques and materials to spin life into your own improvised creations.  If you've already pored through this book, I want to hear your thoughts about it!



Van Gogh Blues, Eric Maisel.

Finally! I've known that this book has been in the making for quite some time and I have eagerly awaited its arrival.  The book addresses concepts Maisel has been working on since the early 80's -- they shed new light on the creative process and what a life of creativity demands from us physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.  Maisel's statement about the book:  


"This is not a book about van Gogh. He appears, disappears, reappears, 
but he never settles down as our central subject or object. Rather, this is 
a book about all creators: about you, me, painters in Tokyo, biologists in 
Moscow, novelists in Egypt. It is about who we are, what we do, and why we 
get depressed. Obliquely, it is about the meaning in literal blue skies and 
in the blue skies of paintings. Directly, it is about the heroism required 
of creators. I hope this book will help you and support you when meaning 
starts to fail and depression stealthily creeps in."  

** Please email me for the full press release **


Maisel's book is available through Rodale press, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Click on the links for reviews of this phenomenal work.








September 2002



Performances -- 09/11

Alfredo Rolando Ortiz, Harpist

Back to College

Music Lessons

Donkey Coffee

Nancy Vance, Fiber Artist

Art Quilt Alliance

Murals & Other Art

Authentic Promotion (TM)

Spotlight On...




In addition to private engagements including wedding ceremonies and corporate functions, I'm performing publicly on the following dates:


September 11, 2002 -- Marion General Hospital

The mediation room will be open all day for those who desire a quiet place to reflect on the events of September 11, 2001.  I'll be providing harp music in this room from 9AM - 11AM.


"In an age of nothing, at a time when we stand at the brink of our own destruction - strengthen your belief, in yourself, in the future of humanity, in the things of this world which cannot easily be perceived...When it seems that all you have left are the dead remnants of the fabric of your life - Believe."





Alfredo Rolando Ortiz is an internationally acclaimed soloist of the Paraguayan harp, as well as a composer, author, educator, and recording artist.  Susann McDonald, professor of harp at Indiana University, says about this musician:  "Alfredo Rolando Ortiz is a superb harpist and exciting artist.  His technical virtuosity is matched by his depth of musical expression.  His performances feature strong vibrant rhythms, marvelous dynamic contrasts, stylistic verve and profound sensitivity."  Website:  www.alfredo-rolando-ortiz.com.


On Sunday, September 22, 2002, Ortiz will be providing two workshops and a recital in my home! Workshops:  Latin and South American Music, including Latin American Harp Techniques; and Improved Learning and Performance and Prevention of Injury.  Alfredo Rolando Ortiz will offer a recital following the workshops.  Interested in hearing this dynamic musician? Contact me for workshop/recital fees, directions, and other information about this unique event.





I've returned to Capital University! Aside from feeling a bit old and a little rusty on my study skills, I'm thoroughly enjoying spending time at my alma mater.  Years after having studied  music at Capital and transferring to Ohio University to study music therapy (see the Bio page of my website), I determined I hadn't experienced enough music theory.  Stan Smith, Associate Professor at Capital, graciously offered me the opportunity to study jazz theory with him this semester.  Appropriately applying and expanding the colors and depth of jazz music to my own compositions/performances and sharing this information with my students are the motivators behind taking (and sticking with) this course.


Stan Smith is a regular performer in the Columbus area at the following venues:



Friday, September 20, 2002

5:01 Jazz Bar

10 pm - 2 am

 with special guest, 

Tia (Harris) Roseboro


With a jazz group almost every Thursday night:

Dick's Den

2417 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43202


Solo on Sundays, 7-9PM:

Barcelona Restaurant in German Village

263 East Whittier Street
Columbus, OH 43206





If you ever find yourself in Athens, Ohio -- home of Ohio University -- check out donkey Coffee.  Owned and operated by Chris and Angie Pyle, this establishment regularly features live national and local acts and offers an open mic night to budding talent.  Partake of their delicious array of beverages and delicacies while perusing the displays of artwork for sale.  Did I mention that the stage, sound system, and recording software are largely operated by my brother-in-law, Josh Antonuccio? Contact me for more information regarding artwork display, recording opportunities, and performing live in this popular venue. 





I own three of Nancy Vance's quilts, and plan to own more! The vibrancy of her work is immediately evident when you see her works in person -- Nancy creates pieces that lend energy and character to any working or living space.  Nancy is a member of Art Quilt Alliance (see below), and will have several of her works for sale at the November, 2002 Castle Arts Affair in Delaware, Ohio (more on this fundraiser in a future issue).


Four of her works are featured in Gallery 6.  To obtain contact information for Nancy Vance, close-up photos of the works featured above (the stitching of these quilts is incredible!), as well as photos of other available pieces, contact me.






Formed in 1991 by fiber artists in the Columbus, Ohio area, AQA is a diverse group of contemporary quiltmakers.  Member experience varies from the beginner to the professional.  Meetings offer comradery, instruction and support through guest speakers, workshops and sharing of work.  AQA regularly has group exhibits in central Ohio venues.  


The Art Quilt Alliance meets on the third floor of the Columbus Cultural Arts Center (139 W. Main St, Columbus, Ohio.  614-645-7047).  Meetings are the second Sunday of the month, September through April and from 2-4PM, with a social half-hour from 1:30-2PM.  For names and numbers of Those In Charge, send me an email.






My current mural project -- three "spot" murals of grapevines/flowers gracing areas over a kitchen window and cabinets -- will soon be complete.  Pictures will be posted in the next issue! I'm currently accepting mural jobs for the month of October.  Click here to schedule yours.


Visit Gallery 4 to view pictures of recently completed 

wall hangings and commissioned hand painted books.


To view other examples of my work, visit the Art page of my website.






I am thrilled to begin Molly Gordon's 12-week Authentic Promotion telecourse this month! Molly Gordon is a certified professional coach who has been making available to the world her unique approach to marketing.  In a nutshell, the course focuses on finding techniques that assist you in promoting your work with integrity and authenticity.  Click here to read details about this special course.  


Molly's weekly email publication, The New Leaf, is a personal favorite -- I look forward to receiving it more than I do any other newsletter.  Her site if full of information geared toward the motivated individual who desires to earn a living doing what they love.  www.mollygordon.com.






Major Artist -- Bradley Irwin is the brainchild behind what promises to be a major production company.  Art, music and other forms of creative expression from West Palm Beach, FL and beyond are featured here.


Free Rein Art Studio -- Access this website to view beautiful handmade floorcloths and similar items featuring (but not limited to) rustic designs inspired by the Adirondacks and the American West.


Michael T Designs -- Musician and artist Michael Turnbull is multi-talented and involved in many projects, including creative design and dynamic web development.  Be sure to meet Andy Dote, Mike's prized creation!


Coachville -- Ever thought about hiring a coach to help you achieve your personal goals, or becoming a professional coach yourself? Coachville.com is an excellent resource! During September only, membership to Coachville is free (a $79 value).  Click here to sign up:  http://www.coachvillefree.com.  



Finding Your Own North Star, Martha Beck.  

Beck's writing style is at once humorous and full of truth.  Even if you've read every self-help book under the sun, Beck sheds a new light and a refreshing perspective on the trials and tribulations of pursuing your dreams and goals, and/or simply discovering what they are.



Water Dance, Thomas Locker.

An absolutely gorgeous story about the cycle of water -- Locker's oil paintings grace the pages of this remarkable little book.  Recently, as someone read this book to a group of children, I was asked to accompany on harp.  It was pure joy to play the harp in a way that mimics the sounds of cascading streams and waterfalls, the arrival and departure of a thunderstorm, the formation of a deep and tranquil lake.








July 2002

PERFORMING - 'Tis the season for private weddings and receptions.  Stay tuned for dates/times of public performances!

LISTENING TO - Sunny Day Real Estate, Christopher O'Riley's piano transcriptions of Radiohead tunes


1. How to Survive and Prosper As an Artist:  Selling Yourself Without Selling Your Soul, Caroll Michels -- a comprehensive guide and resource for those desiring to make a living creating art.


2. Free-Style Quilts; A "No Rules" Approach,  Susan Carlson -- This artist captures light beautifully in her fabric portraits, coral reefs, and more.  Take a long look at her works entitled "Elements" and "Twilight."


3. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, J.K. Rowling  -- Yes, I am just starting this series!


RESEARCHING - Jazz theory, Sound therapy, Best amp for the harp -- ever heard of the Evans AE 100? Water gardens / ponds and perennials

CREATING - New art company and website, Harp and french horn transcriptions of popular tunes

INTERESTING SITES - Goddess Granola, Iamteejay.com -- home of Thomas Joel, the creator of the Goddess Granola website; Digital Blasphemy



April, 2002 ~ Apparently I am a bachelorette on ABC's show The Bachelor.  I am supposedly contending for Alex's hand in marriage.  Okay, not really -- I'm not blonde, not hiding my age, and am certainly not chasing after some guy in front of billions of viewers on national television.  

What is this about? Look for Bachelorette Trista on: http://abc.abcnews.go.com/primetime/specials/bachelor/



March, 2002 ~ Trista performs harp for Easter Brunch on Sunday, 03/31 at the Embassy Suites, Dublin, 11:30 - 2:30.


Trista's sister and brother-in-law are moving to Athens, Ohio to join their best friends in building the Navigators program at Ohio University.  They were involved in the creation of Before (A Worship Album) released in late 2001 -- copies can be ordered at www.charlyjosh.com.  Jenaye is heard on background vocals and her husband Josh wrote many of the songs and contributes guitar to all of them.


Trista's hand painted items are part of the 8th Annual Craft Show at Olentangy High School, Saturday, March 16, 2002.



January, 2002 ~ Trista's work appears on womenscreativity.com in the Acrylics 2 section under Painting.  Thank you Penn George for creating this inspirational site!


December, 2001 ~ Check out the latest photo of Trista's sister and her family.


November, 2001 ~ Trista moved to her own house in Delaware County, Ohio.  


October 12, 2001 ~ William Rees Instruments is featuring Trista's hand painted harp journals in their Rising Sun, IN showroom -- click here to view pictures of these books.  Visit the WRI website for information, resources and accessories regarding fine crafted harps and psalteries. 


September 26, 2001 ~ Trista presented a session on Music and Harp Therapy at HolHealth Connections -- a marvelous center for empowerment, self-discovery and self-healing.  Visit their website for an updated calendar of their educational programs and location/contact information.


September 7, 2001 ~ The grand opening of Moonflower Walk Designs in Olde Pickerington! Owner Karen Mainor is an expert in stenciling and faux finishing techniques, and Trista is excited to be contributing her fine art skills to the mural and floorcloth aspect of the business.  See Moonflower's website for a class schedule and samples of Karen's work. 


July 16, 2001 ~ Trista has a new nephew! Gabriel Joshua Antonuccio was born at 6:38AM (EST) today, weighing in at 8 lb 11 oz  -- he is 21 inches long -- and arrived just a few days early of his formal due date.  Trista's sister Jenaye is doing fine and Trista's niece Johanna is anxious to meet her new brother! Stay tuned for updated pictures.


June 6, 2001 ~ Trista was able to speak on-air with much admired eclectic harpist Deborah Henson-Conant during the Thursday 06/28 live broadcast of "The Connection" in Boston on WBUR.  The “HipHarp Connection” focused on people’s misperceptions of the harp and Deborah’s experiences breaking the boundaries of how Americans perceive this ancient, powerful instrument.   Tapes of the broadcast can be purchased at The Connection's website:  http://www.theconnection.org


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