Maybe you are finally granting yourself the opportunity to learn an instrument for the first time. You've longed to do this forever and prior to now, you've put it aside as you took care of everyone else.

Maybe you used to play, and stopped because of a misguided comment that you're now realizing had nothing to do with you. Perhaps you inadvertently paired up a trauma with your music experience that you now know was beyond your control, whose power no longer serves you, and you desire to reclaim your musical life.

Perhaps, back then, you chose a more "practical" and "realistic" hobby / profession and sense that just because it isn't in your career path, doesn't mean it can't have an important place in your life now.

Perhaps you've felt isolated and alone in how you think about creativity and passion. Now you're feeling drawn to exploring the creative process, and are looking for a safe place to experiment.

Perhaps you have a short or long history with conventional, traditional learning and performance methods and long for a more creative, organic, holistic approach.

Maybe you have performances coming up and are craving a deeper heart and soul connection with your audience -- aiming to only perfectly execute the notes off the page just doesn't cut it for you anymore.

You know that music is a "coming home" for you -- you feel light and connected when you engage with music and want to learn how to live in that space much more often with openness and grace.

And you know that your music can be both a feather and an anchor.

You desire to live your music, in your own unique way.

You're ready to honor yourself -- body, mind, and soul -- with one of the richest artistic, creative, and expressive experiences of your life. You're ready for musical freedom.


... when we went to Trista's house today, I realized we would be getting more than music lessons.
Therapy, counseling, spiritual growth, physical healing.
It all seems connected when you approach it through a... perspective of Oneness.
[We] are blessed... to have a new mentor. -- Robyn and Mike P.


She really enjoys playing and I feel like she progressing so nicely with you... a friend (HS orchestra teacher) mentioned how well she did
and was really commenting on how far she has come since last year.
That brings me to a big thank you.
I really think you have been a great teacher for T. She is very humble and reserved and has a hard time being in the spot light
and you really lightened that up for her last week. Also the way you have embraced... a different mindset I guess.
I think she "dials it in" better working with you... Thanks for being able to think outside the box.  -- Carrie R.


 Embrace what you already know. We grow from there.

Questions about working together? I'd love to hear from you.

Sessions are near Delaware, Ohio. Not close? Online options available.


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