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Peaceful Warrior


3' x 5'

Mural currently hanging in the lobby of 

Olentangy High School, Lewis Center, Ohio


Kitchen Mural -- Grapevine theme with metallic gold accents in three separate spot murals.  

Murals over cabinets are on opposite wall of mural over window/sink.

Client requested peach and rose pink grape clusters to match her countertops and furnishings in neighboring rooms.


Grapevines over window/sink


Grapevines over cabinet #1

Grapevines over cabinet #2



A trip to the east coast included my painting these spot murals in the home of a most gracious host. 

Garlands are painted in shades of olive green, mauves and purples to bring out the colors in the room's accessories.  

What looks like white paint is actually a light metallic silver; the middle of the purple flowers are highlighted with glitter paint.  

Background wall color is a pale olive green. 

Click on each picture for a larger view.


K&Dsmgarland-lft.jpg (281585 bytes)

K&Dsmgarland-rt1.jpg (350220 bytes)

K&Dsmgarland-rt.jpg (280111 bytes)

South wall garland,

Left window


South wall garland,

Right window

K&Dgarlandlg2.jpg (274346 bytes)

K&Dgarlandlg3.jpg (396369 bytes)

K&Dgarlandlg.jpg (319494 bytes)

East wall garland

Close-up #1

Close-up #2



South wall garland, left and right windows

East and south wall garlands



Bouquet is painted in the master bathroom above the garden tub and across from a large mirror.  

Fern motif echoes the design in the bath accessories.  Highlights in glitter and light silver paints.  

Background wall color is a pale blue-green.  

Click on each picture for a larger view.



K&Dsprigfull.jpg (261054 bytes)

K&Dsprig2.jpg (271620 bytes)

Bouquet painted in master bath 



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