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Can't afford an elaborate oriental rug to cover that bare floor in your dining room?

Need a floor covering for a hard surface that can tolerate people and pet traffic in your house or workplace?

Consider a hand painted floorcloth for its durability and versatility.



What is a floorcloth


Stars 'N' Stripes 

Door Mat

23.5 x 36" and 27 x 38"

Taupe, Maroon, and Navy Blue with highlights

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Floorcloths are heavy sheets of primed canvas hemmed into any shape.  Your custom design is hand painted in acrylics and coated with several layers of non-yellowing acrylic varnish; a thin layer of wax provides an extra sheen as well as protects the varnish & design underneath.  The result is a floorcloth that has the feel and pliability of leather and an unparalleled ease of cleanup.  Due to the weight of the canvas, the floorcloth lies flat on a hard surface and can be secured in place by either placing a thin non-skid material underneath, or applying double-sided carpet tape between the hard surface and floorcloth.  


~~ To view more designs, visit the Floorcloth Design Gallery ~~


Floorcloths date back to Europe and early America and were used as an affordable alternative to expensive area rugs.  Today, floorcloths are making a comeback -- quality supplies and construction ensure the creation of elegant, unique and affordable custom designs.  


What shape, design, or pattern do you want to see every day
in your home or workplace?

DURABILITY -- heavy canvas lies flat on a hard surface.  Once varnished and waxed, floorcloths are reported to last for years.

VERSATILITY -- area rugs, placemats, table runners, coasters, pet mats, wall hangings, shower curtains, mouse pads.... where do you want to see your custom design? 

CLEANING -- simply wipe the surface clean.  If the floorcloth is not attached to your hard surface, shake out the floorcloth and backing, and/or vacuum underneath.

CUSTOM DESIGNS -- any size, shape, pattern or design.  Get creative! Include names, phrases, pictures, and colors of your choice. 



Door Mat

23 x 27"

Apple Green, Pale Yellow, Deep Purple and White with highlights


Floorcloth finished, 68" x 100" (left), and installed in the client's home (right)
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Advent Calendar

Unframed painted canvas lays flat against the wall

Acrylic, approximately 3 x 4'

Somewhere back in time when I attended Waldorf school, I made a hanging advent calendar of felt and velcro.  When we moved to Ohio, the humidity and other climactic factors caused the felt version to disintegrate.  This bright handpainted version is varnished to withstand what the felt could not.  

HOW IT WORKS:  One set of handpainted, velcro-backed Joseph, Mary, and donkey travels from left to right, and the other travels from right to left.  Day 1 is the first house on the lower right, and Day 23 is the last house on the upper left; Day 24 is the stable, Day 25 is the star of Bethlehem.  Each house has a velcro piece on the path where Joseph and Mary stop to rest.  A pocket on the back of the painting stores the Joseph and Mary that is not in use.


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My nephew points to the mirror in the star

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Personalized wall hangings sport a special child's name and a design that reflects their interests and spirit.


Placemats and Table Mats


Placemats -- set of four

17 x 12.5" each


Placemats -- set of four

17 x 12.5" each


Round mats are hand painted, varnished and waxed (waterproof surface).  Folded hem, backed with felt.

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rndmatswirl.jpg (98413 bytes)

rndmatmetal.jpg (155208 bytes)

rndmatearth.jpg (69513 bytes)

rndmatswirl2.jpg (67316 bytes)


Left:  12" diameter.  

Blue, purple, pearl, and silver


Above:  6" diameter.  

Copper, gold, and silver


Right: 10" diameter.  

Earth tones, metallic accents


rndmatearth2.jpg (84145 bytes)


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Pet Mats


Sloppy pet?

 Water-resistant hand painted placemat are
crafted like the floorcloths above.

More design ideas in the
Floorcloth Design Gallery

Contact Trista to discuss your
color and design ideas.



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In today's fast-paced environment full of mass-produced paraphernalia, 

it is essential to surround yourself with items of personal meaning.  


Contact me to discuss the floorcloth, wall hanging, placemats, round table mat, or pet mat 

you would like created especially for you or a loved one.


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