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Trista is a professional harpist and recording artist who performs for private and corporate events including weddings, anniversaries, holiday celebrations, and more. She offers non-traditional music lessons out of her home just north of Columbus, Ohio and is a fine artist. Her unconventional approach to performing and teaching results in a full performance & touring schedule and a thriving creativity coaching practice, which she runs through her art and music studios and often in collaboration with other creatives.

Her repertoire includes classical, Brazilian, jazz, popular selections, and her own compositions. In addition to performing solo, she has played with the jazz improvisational Nova Madrugada, alternative folk rock Luceys Maze, art pop rock Flotation Walls, and others. In the Fall of 2011, Trista toured with Deborah Henson-Conant, offering performances and a creativity workshop they developed together called Fireworks for the Creative Spirit.
Trista is also the U.S. representative of the International Jazz Harp Foundation.

Trista and her younger sister were born in the luscious beauty of Philomath, Oregon, a great contrast to the arid Franktown, Colorado environment where she found herself six years later with a new baby brother.  Eventually her family made its way across the United States to settle amidst the great sprawl that is now central Ohio.

Trista graduated as the Valedictorian of her class from Olentangy High School (Lewis Center, Ohio) -- the mural she completed during her senior year still hangs in the high school's main lobby.  She studied both music and art at Capital University (Bexley, Ohio) after two years graduated with a Bachelor of Art degree; she then transferred to Ohio University (Athens, Ohio) and after a year and a half graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Therapy. Trista completed her six-month music therapy internship at St. Luke's Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio and is a Board-Certified Music Therapist

While attending an almost-mandatory art gallery opening at Capital, Trista encountered a harpist; in that
moment she felt she must play this instrument.  After convincing the university to extract it's only harp from
a professor's office where it was being used as a coat rack, Trista began harp lessons in addition to her formal
piano studies. Trista records and plays on a Lyon & Healy 85E. Visit the "Oh, Harpist...?" page for a peek into earning a living as a harpist.

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